Dental Crowns in Lake Worth | Are There Different Types of Crowns?

A dental crown is a fixed prosthetic object that is cemented onto a tooth. The main purpose of a crown is to cover a damaged tooth and improve its integrity so that your oral health isn’t compromised. Additionally, the overall appearance and alignment in the mouth can be enhanced by dental crowns in Lake Worth.

Are there different types of dental crowns in Lake Worth?
There Are Several Types of Dental Crowns

Ceramic crowns are made of a porcelain-based material. Because of their ability to blend well with your natural tooth color, they are very popular for restoring front teeth.

There are porcelain crowns fused to metal, which provide a stronger bond than regular porcelain because it is connected to a metal structure. These crowns are extremely durable.

Crowns made from gold alloys can be a mix of gold, copper and other metals. In addition to providing a strong bond to the tooth, these crowns don’t fracture or wear away underlying teeth.

Base metal alloy crowns are made up of non-noble metals and are highly resistant to corrosion. For this reason, they are very strong. Crowns made out of base metal alloys also require the least amount of healthy tooth to be removed prior to fitting.

Are some dental crowns in Lake Worth better than others?

Are Some Crowns Better Than Others?

The sealing ability of all-porcelain crowns depends on the materials used to fill them and the quality of the underlying tooth. However, the other crowns mentioned provide particularly good seals against leakage.

Gold and metal alloy crowns seem to have the best durability. All-porcelain crowns tend to be less strong and more susceptible to pressure. This can be especially problematic if you grind your teeth at night. However, crowns made of porcelain fused to metal offer increased durability.

Both types of porcelain-based crowns are highly resistant to wear, but they can quickly aggravate opposing teeth if the adjacent surface becomes rough. Incidentally, the gold and metal alloys are resistant to wear and gentle on opposing teeth at the same time.

Are You Ready for Dental Crowns in Lake Worth?

If you have a damaged tooth in need of repair, then a dental crown may be the solution for you. Contact our office to schedule an appointment and discuss different crown options. Ferber Dental Group is equipped with highly trained staff that is ready to provide you with excellent dental care services today!

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