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While teeth whitening, dental implants, fillings, and crowns can help make your teeth healthy and beautiful again, why not just avoid dental problems from occurring in the first place? Brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist in Lake Worth for regular checkups are all great ways to help maintain a bright and strong grin. However, eating right can also have a huge impact on the health of your gums and teeth. Keep reading to find out which foods and drinks are tooth-friendly and which ones you might want to avoid.

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Best Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth 

Water: Fluoridated water is one of the best beverages for your smile. It helps strengthen your enamel and prevents tooth decay.

Dairy: Cheese, milk, yogurt, and other dairy products all contain calcium, which helps re-mineralize your teeth.

Vegetables: Fiber-rich vegetables are extremely tooth-friendly thanks to the fact that they increase saliva production and helps wash away bacteria.

Worst Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth

Soda: When you drink soda, it coats your teeth in sugar and acid, which damages tooth enamel. Furthermore, carbonation is acidic, making even diet soda a harmful beverage for both your teeth and gums. 

Starchy Foods: Chips, bread, and pasta are all starchy foods that are made from white flour, which can cause tooth decay.

Chewy Candy: Candies, and even dry fruit, stay behind on your teeth. This prolongs your teeth’s exposure to sugars, which can dissolve tooth enamel.

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