Privacy Policy

By using this site, you are acknowledging third parties can place cookies on your browser to collect and store data for targeted advertising purposes. When navigating through the site, your personal data will be collected including your IP address, cookie identifiers, approximate location, pixels and other end-user website activity for data tracking. Data will be collected including browser fingerprinting, web beacons, the frequency you return on the site, and scrolling speed amongst other tracking technologies.

If you would like to opt-out of targeted advertising, you can reference how to do so here. If you do not wish to have your data collected for advertising or collection purposes, please reference a comprehensive outline of our Privacy Policy below.

Data We Collect:

  • Device Information — We will collect and store information regarding your device’s IP address, the type of device as well as the identifier associated with each individual device.
  • Browser Information — Your operating system, the type of browser and location will be recorded for data purposes.
  • Contact Information — Know that we may collect contact information such as your name, email address, and phone number and refer these details to an anonymous third party to use for advertising purposes in the future.

What Your Data is Used for:

  • Reporting — We use this data to compile a list of reports that depict user activity and user impressions so third parties may advertise better. This can include the number of clicks, engagement and cookie activity so the third-party advertiser can consistently update the contents of the ad itself.
  • Targeting — Advertisers will select ads to appear on the website that is more tailored to matching or related interests found within the data collected.
  • Licensing Data — With the amount of data and information that we collect, we may license to third parties.

How to Opt-Out:

Online privacy is a privilege everyone is entitled to. By choosing to opt-out from seeing ads, they will continue to appear, however, these ads will be generated at random. If you choose to opt-out from targeted advertising and the collection of your personal data, please reference the following information:

Desktop Browser

  • Click on the blue icon displayed on ads to opt-out or click here for more detailed instructions.
  • By opting out, this only applies on a browser-basis. You will have to continue to opt-out on each and every browser that you open and re-open and browser history that is deleted.

Mobile Device

  • Opt-out from your mobile device application by reading the instructions here.

Data will be shared with a third-party outlet who collects and uses this information to enable certain ads based on your previous browsing history and preferences to create the best possible browsing experience. If you wish to secure your privacy from third party data collectors, opt-out now.

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