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Gingivectomy in Lake Worth | What is a Gingivectomy?

According to the American Dental Association, nearly 47.2% of Americans over 30 have some form of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. Severe forms of gum disease may require a gingivectomy. What exactly is a gingivectomy? Well, let’s take a look at what a gingivectomy in Lake Worth is and how the procedure works. […]

Gingivectomy in Lake Worth | How Can I Avoid a Gingivectomy?

A gingivectomy in Lake Worth is a procedure that can actually reverse damage in the gums as a result of periodontal issues. The process can be performed by a periodontist in order to heal the effects of periodontal disease or to correct a gum condition involving the structures around the teeth. While a Gingivectomy is […]

Periodontist in Lake Worth | What You Need to Know About Gum Disease

Gum disease has a way of creeping up on patients with individuals often not realizing they have it until advanced stages of the disease. However, with help from your periodontist in Lake Worth, gum disease can be prevented and your oral health can stay intact. The Progression of Gum Disease Healthy gums can build-up plaque, […]

Bone Grafting in Lake Worth | Why Might I Need a Bone Graft?

Periodontal disease, commonly referred to as gum disease, makes your gums swell and bleed easily in early stages. If left untreated, later stages of gum disease can have you losing teeth. Luckily, there is periodontal treatment to control gum disease infection and halt its progression. Treatment options include home care involving healthy eating and proper […]

Periodontist in Lake Worth | What Can Be Done for My Gum Disease?

Some gum disease can be cured by antibiotics, root planning, or scaling. However, if you suffer from severe gum disease known as periodontitis, your oral health may depend on surgery. Nearly one in every two Americans over the age of 30 has periodontitis. But a gingivectomy may help keep gum disease from further damaging your […]

Dentures in Lake Worth | Types of Dentures

Missing teeth can be a huge inconvenience in your everyday life. Luckily, if you lost your natural teeth, whether from injury, tooth decay, or periodontal disease, you can restore your smile with dentures in Lake Worth. Dentures are great because they are a removable replacement for both your missing teeth and the surrounding tissues.  Not only […]

Periodontist in Lake Worth | Types of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, also referred to as gum disease, is something that should not be taken lightly. It is an infection of the bones and tissues that surround and support your teeth. Periodontal disease can cause bad breath, bleeding gums, and even tooth loss. Half of American adults have some form of periodontal disease. As a […]

Dentist in Lake Worth | 3 Signs You Need to See One

Oral health is essential, regardless of you age. A healthy smile helps you look and feel great. Despite its importance, many people fail to properly take care of their teeth, gums, and mouth. More specifically, many people fail to visit the dentist. In fact, only about 65% of American adults go to the dentist on […]

Periodontist in Lake Worth | What is Periodontal Disease?

More than 64.7 million Americans have some form of periodontal disease. From the earliest phases of gingivitis to the more advanced phases of periodontitis, periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent oral health issues, yet may people don’t now much about it. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about periodontal disease […]

Dental Implants in West Palm Beach | Are Dental Implants Safe?

69% of adults ages 35-44 are missing one or more permanent tooth due to injury, accident, decay, extraction, periodontal disease, or a variety of other reasons. If you are one of the many people who are missing a tooth, don’t worry: you can restore your smile with dental implants in West Palm Beach.  A dental implant […]