Snap on Teeth

Upper vs Lower Dentures

An upper denture is retained by using suction in a similar way to a suction cup on glass. Biting into a sandwich, yawning, or sneezing can cause an upper denture to lose suction and fall down. With the use of snaps, the combination of suction and snap will allow the snap on denture to function very similar to natural teeth. The denture will feel stable and secure. Lower dentures are more challenging than upper dentures because there is no suction to hold them in. This lack of suction, along with jaw and tongue movement during chewing and speaking can cause a lower denture to be very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The lower denture simply floats on the ridge where the teeth used to be and does not stay in by using suction like the upper. Because lower dentures slip and slide, and as a result cause continuous pain when eating, the snap in denture option is a must for lower dentures. For many patients, it is the minimum standard of care for a satisfactory quality of life.

Why Snap On Dentures?

  • No more need for creams or adhesives
  • Optimal retention and comfort
  • Improvement in chewing ability
  • Improve speech as a result of secure stable dentures
  • Avoid embarrassing situations due to loose dentures
  • The ability to eat healthy foods results in overall health benefits
  • Improvement of the visual appearance
  • Implants stop bone loss associated with wearing dentures
  • Visually transform wrinkles near the mouth by replacing the collapsed lip support
  • Enhanced natural chewing abilities
  • Improved comfort


Palateless Snap On Dentures

Some of you do not like the feeling of a denture on the roof of your mouth, the palate. You may have a gagging sensation and find swallowing and speaking difficult with a full palate denture. A palateless, snap on denture is one solution for a more comfortable lifestyle. In order for a palateless snap on denture to function properly it must be snapped into 4-6 implants, depending on the size of your mouth. Palateless snap on dentures are a favorite among our patients due to the high comfort level associated with very secure stable and comfortable teeth, and the improved ability to taste food.

Clasp Free Snap On Partials

Are you currently wearing a partial with visible metal clasps? Does it make you self conscious to smile? Then a clasp free snap on partial is for you! Many individuals that have partials report they do not use them due to poor esthetics and discomfort. With a snap on partial, this is a thing of the past. We can eliminate those unsightly clasps forever, simply by retaining the partial with snaps. Your partial will look more natural while providing improved function and stability. The snap on partial is a great alternative for the individual needing to replace a few to several teeth. The number of dental implants needed to retain a partial depends on how many teeth the partial is replacing.