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Experience dentistry at the forefront of innovation at Ferber Dental Group. Our state-of-the-art dental lab in Greenacres, FL, exemplifies our commitment to cutting-edge technology. With this advanced resource, we employ minimally invasive techniques for higher success rates and craft our own restorations, significantly reducing the cost of transformative treatments. Join us to access affordable dental implants, revolutionary laser gum surgery, and a new realm of dental possibilities inside our dental lab. Your path to exceptional dental care starts here.

The Role Technology Plays In Dentistry

Dr. Ferber Talks About technology in Dentistry

Select Technology from Our Dental Laboratory


3D Printers

One of the cornerstones of our laboratory is our pair of Einstein 3D printers. We use these to create a variety of restorations, but especially full mouth dental implants. The HyperPrint technology of the Einstein printers allows us to cut down on build time by up to 50%, which is especially useful for things like dental models and aligners.


In-House Milling Machines

If you need a dental crown or bridge, you want it as soon as possible and to fit on the first try. We use XTCera and Zubler milling machines for these restorations and some fixed dental implants. With these, we create high-quality restorations quickly.

doctor using dental device for dental procedure

TRIOS® 5 Scanner

An intraoral scanner gives us digital scans of the inside of your mouth. We use the TRIOS 5 wireless scanner to get the most detailed possible picture of what’s there. These 3D scans help us find the perfect size, shape, and color of restorations by capturing the precise shape of your teeth and gums.


Cone Beam CT Scanner

Cone beam CT (CBCT) scans are critical to ensure the correct placement of dental implants. With these digital scans, we take a comprehensive view of your jaw, and then we feed these scans into the other technology in our full mouth dental implant lab to create custom surgical guides.


Chrome-Guided Surgery

Chrome-guided dental implant technology allows us to precisely plan your surgery based on the advanced digital scans we collect. It dramatically improves the chances of success and helps you recover faster.

smile design technology

Smile Simulation Technology

Do you want to know what to expect from your restoration dentistry? With smile simulation technology, we can feed scans and photographs into our advanced software to give you a preview of your potential results.


Waterlase® Laser Dentistry

The Waterlase laser, from BIOLASE, is safe and gentle, often enabling us to perform laser procedures without an anesthetic injection. This can even remove the need for the drill when filling some cavities.



InstaRisa is an innovative dental technology that has transformed the world of dental implantology. It offers real-time, 3D guidance during the dental implant placement process, ensuring precise and accurate positioning of dental implants. With InstaRisa, Dr. Brian Ferber can achieve optimal implant placement, minimizing the risk of complications, reducing surgery time, and enhancing the overall success rate of dental implant procedures.



Dental photogrammetry creates digital models of your mouth and jaw, which we use to plan various procedures.


X-Nav Guided Dental Implants

We’re proud to be South Florida’s premier provider of X-Nav guided dental implants. This revolutionary technology adds even more precision to our team’s expertise, ensuring the careful placement of every dental implant.