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Are There Aesthetic And Functional Benefits To Getting Treated With Multiple Dental Implants?

Multiple dental implants in Greenacres, FL give several unique benefits forthose who have missing or failing teeth. Not only do multiple dental implantsgive patients an aesthetically pleasing new smile, they can give patients a lotof functional benefits as well. With multiple dental implants, patients canhave a beautiful new smile that lets patients eat and speak with ease.

Continue reading to learn more about the functional and aesthetic benefitsmultiple dental implants can bring to patients’ smiles.


How Do Multiple Dental Implants Give Me An Aesthetically Pleasing NewSmile?

When people are dealing with multiple missing or failing teeth for anyreason, then they will understand how much of a hassle and impact it can haveon their daily life. Luckily, multiple dental implants in Greenacres, FL canrestore patients’ smiles in many ways, including how aesthetically pleasingthey are.

When patients go to a skilled dental professional for their multiple dentalimplants, they can get treated with natural looking new teeth that are customdesigned to fit their specific needs and wants. This means that the patientsnew teeth will be made to look like their natural teeth!


How Do Multiple Dental Implants Give Me A Functional New smile?

The functionality of patients’ smiles can also be restored with multipledental implants in Greenacres, FL. The dental implant post is designed to actlike a natural tooth root. After the dental implant post has been accuratelyplaced and fuses with the patient’s jawbone, it gives them a permanent andstrong new smile. This is because the dental implant post stimulates thejawbone, keeping it healthy and dense.

Once the abutment and prosthesis/crown is securely placed, the patient willbe able to resume a normal diet and speak without having to worry about theirnew teeth moving around and causing them discomfort.


Come To Our Office So Your Smile Can Be Restored With Multiple DentalImplants

Are you ready to eat your favorite foods, speak in comfort, and smile withconfidence? With multiple dental implants, you can improve your life for yearsto come. Why wait to enhance your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Brian Ferber at our office in Greenacres, FL to schedule an appointment today!