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Bone Grafting in Lake Worth | What is Bone Grafting?

For those people who are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are an excellent option to restore their smile. Sometimes though, the jawbone is too thin or soft to accept an implant. When that happens, a bone grafting procedure might be recommended. Let’s take a look at what bone grafting in Lake Worth is and how the procedure is performed.

What is a Bone Graft?

A bone graft is a surgical procedure used to fix a patient’s jaw bone that is damaged by tooth loss, gum disease, or trauma. The procedure can be used to provide structural stability to the bone in order to support a dental implant. Bone grafting may also be used to maintain bone structure after tooth extraction. For optimal results, the bone has to be as close to its original dimension and position as possible.

How is a Bone Graft Performed?

Depending on the condition of the jaw bone, the doctor will decide which type of bone graft will be used. An incision is made in the skin above where the graft is needed and the bone is shaped to fit the area. The graft will be held in place using pins, plates, screws, wires or cables, and once the graft is securely in place, the surgeon will close the incision with stitches.

Are You in Need of Bone Grafting in Lake Worth?

If you are thinking about getting dental implants, but don’t have the jaw strength to accept them, a bone grafting procedure may need to be done. Contact us today to learn more about the bone grafting procedures we offer.