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Bone Grafting Lake Worth | What Is Bone Grafting?

Did you know that jawbones can be repaired if you have an injury or disease? This is called bone grafting—the procedure of repairing a bone defect. Read below to learn more about the best in bone grafting Lake Worth!

Types of Bone Grafts

To start off, bone grafting is used to repair a broken or disease-infected jawbone. There are different types of bone used for different types of bone grafts:Allogenic

  • Non-living bone from a cadaver
  • can’t produce new bone on its own
  • framework for the damaged bone to fill the defect


  • non-living bone from a different species (typically cows)
  • can’t produce new bone on its own
  • framework for the damaged bone to fill the defect


  • bone is taken from elsewhere in the body (typically the chin, jaw, hip, skull)
  • contains live bone
  • bone growth is possible because of living cells

In addition, autogenous bone grafts are beneficial because bone growth occurs on its own–therefore patching up the defect naturally over time. However, there must be a second procedure to replace the bone from where the original bone was harvested from.On the contrary, allogenic and xenogenic bone is beneficial because there’s no need to have a second procedure. Hence, bone regeneration is unpredictable because there are no living cells.

What to Expect

Moreover, bone grafting is a surgical procedure where patients will be put under general anesthesia. The graft is securely put in place with pins or screws. Afterward, the recovery period depends on the size of the area grafted. Without a doubt, the best way to recover is to follow-up with routine checkups!

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