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Bone Grafting Lake Worth | Instructions for Home Care After Bone Grafting

If you have to go through a procedure for bone grafting, you should be prepared for how to care for yourself after the surgical procedure. Bone grafting Lake Worth is a possible step that you have to go through if you need dental implants. This is only needed if your jaw bone is too soft or too thin to support the implant.

What is Bone Grafting?

With bone grafting, the surgeon will get a piece of bone from a particular part of your body. However, there is also a special material for bone grafting now that can be grafted into the jaw bone. You need to wait for a number of months for the graft to be able to create a stronger bone. This ensures that the implant will have enough support. When the graft is completed, the surgeon can proceed with the rest of the dental implant process.

Home Care After Bone Grafting

Since bone grafting needs time, you have to know how to care for yourself while waiting. There may be some bleeding after the surgery. This will only be light bleeding but if you feel that it is excessive, get a gauze pad and put light pressure for about half an hour. Do this continuously. This should stop the bleeding. However, if it continues in the next 48 hours, go to the dentist immediately.

Don’t Disturb

You may be tempted to feel the area with your tongue or fingers. Sometimes, it’s just involuntary. Be mindful and don’t disturb it. Remember that the more it is disturbed, the longer it will take to heal. You are advised not to do any strenuous activity after the procedure. Rest for the next two to three days. Any demanding physical activity may cause bleeding and will affect the healing process.

Where can I get bone grafting lake worth?

Looking for Bone Grafting Lake Worth?

Some other things to expect are pain and swelling. These are all normal. For any pain, swelling, or bleeding that is excessive after the bone grafting Lake Worth procedure, do contact us here at Ferber Dental Group.