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Types of Bone Grafts You Can Get

Your dental implant restoration is a significant everyday treatment that aims to replace lost or missing teeth, as well as, enhance the esthetics and functionality of the patient. Knowledge of the implant tool’s placement and design for the best clinical results is certainly common knowledge among the several practitioners. However, this is not the case when it comes to knowing the procedures and strategies of bone grafting Lake Worth.This is exactly the reason why you should look into the types of bone grafts before you avail of such procedure so you will determine whether your dentist knows what he or she is doing.

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Types of Bone Grafts you Should Know


This type of bone graft is tissue or bone that is reassigned from one area to another on the patient’s body. It is normally thought of as the highest standard in bone grafting due to its stability and reliability. It is said to have the highest success rate when it comes to bone grafting Lake Worth. The reason for this is that the living tissue used remains intact.


Unlike autograft bone graft, the allograft is tissue or bone that is transferred from one person to another. This bone grafting Lake Worth procedure would normally involve a generous donor or cadaver bone. Despite this process, the allograft is also considered safe, available in various amounts, and always ready to use.The primary advantage of getting an allograft is that it needs a lesser procedure than the other type of bone grafting Lake Worth. With allografts, the recovery time of the patient is quicker and the surgical time is reduced.

who offers bone grafting lake worth?

Which Type of Bone Grafting Lake Worth Suits you Best?

Gaining basic know-how of the bone grafting option will sometimes lead you to confusion on which option will suit your best. To know more about bone grafting, schedule an appointment today and we’ll let you know which type of bone grafts is perfect for you.