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Delray Beach Dental Implants | What Can I Eat After Surgery?

It is extremely important that you eat foods that are conducive to healing after getting Delray Beach dental implants. While everyone heals at slightly different rates, it is better to air on the side of caution and eat softer foods for the first few weeks. Read on for some healthy, fulfilling food options that you can eat after dental implant surgery.

Delray Beach Dental Implants

What Can I Eat After Getting Delray Beach Dental Implants?

Applesauce – Whether you make your own or buy it from the store, applesauce is a healthy snack that you can enjoy after dental implant surgery. You can also change it up by using apricots or peaches instead of apples. Just keep an eye on the sugar amount to ensure optimal oral health.Bananas – Bananas are a great source of nutrients that are soft enough to enjoy without lots of chewing. Mash them up and try eating them with yogurt or some milk for added flavor. Baby Food – If you want healthy, natural food without the effort of pureeing your own, then baby food is a great substitute. The best part is that there are lots to choose from! There is bound to be a vegetable or fruit you love.Broth – Chicken, beef or vegetable broth is a savory option that requires no chewing whatsoever. It also provides the nutrients and warmth that you should get while healing.Soup – A step up from broth, tomato or pumpkin soup is a heartier, more filling food option. It’s easy to drink after getting dental implants and tasty!Eggs – Scramble or poach some eggs for a great source of protein. Sprinkled with some soft melted cheese makes them even tastier without adding any chewing.Fish – If you’re tired of eggs and yogurt for breakfast, some soft, mashed up tuna or lox is a good alternative. Another great source of protein, it also helps to keep you full.Meatloaf or Meatballs – Once you’ve healed a bit, mashing up these meatier food options will give you a way to fill up a bit more without too much chewing.

What Can I Eat After Getting Delray Beach Dental Implants

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