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Dental Bridges in Boynton Beach | How to Take Care of Your Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is an effective way to replace missing teeth. However, in order for your dental bridge to last as long as possible, you should take certain precautions. Below are three tips for caring for your dental bridge. If you are in need of dental bridges in Boynton Beach, contact our office today!

Where is the best place to get Dental Bridges in Boynton Beach ?

Avoid Chewing Ice and Other Bad Habits

Dental bridges are very durable. However, just like your natural teeth, if they come in contact with something too hard, there will be damage. Avoid bad habits like chewing ice or opening bottles with your teeth after your dental bridge is placed, this could potentially damage or fracture your bridge.

Brush Your Bridge Daily

Just because your bridge is artificial, doesn’t mean it’s not capable of developing plaque buildup. In order to keep your dental bridge healthy and free of plaque and tarter, be sure to brush your bridge daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Be Consistent About Flossing

Flossing is crucial in order to avoid decay from developing between your natural teeth and bridge. For optimum oral health, make sure to floss a minimum of once a day before bed.

Are You in Need of Dental Bridges in Boynton Beach?

Are you missing your natural teeth? Delaying a tooth replacement can have serious consequences. Don’t put off replacing your missing teeth any longer. For restorative dental solutions like dental bridges, contact The Ferber Dental Group today! Together we can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.