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Dental Crowns Lake Worth | Common Problems with Dental Crowns

A dental crown is used to cover a patient’s tooth. This is also to restore or improve the tooth’s shape, color, size, and strength. Dental crowns Lake Worth are necessary for the following reasons such as, large cavities that can’t be filled, to cover dental implants, protect cracked, worn down, or weak teeth, and for other cosmetic reasons like badly-shaped tooth or discoloration.

Common Dental Crown Problems

A dental crown is supposed to be the last step in tooth restoration. However, this does not mean that it is not subject to failure. Complications can still arise with dental crowns even though it is designed to be a long-term solution for repairing damaged teeth. Here are some of the most common problems with dental crowns you should look out for:

  • Dental Decay – Do not neglect the importance of good oral hygiene after getting a crown. Plaque buildup may develop at the margin where the tooth and crown meet. A dental crown cannot decay, but your tooth still can.
  • Sensitivity and Discomfort – When the dentin is exposed during the crowning process, sensitivity and discomfort may occur. This only means that the crown does not fully cover your tooth.
  • Loose Crown – Do not consume foods that are sticky as they could cause your crown to become loose. Loose crowns allow bacteria to leak into your remaining tooth, which eventually leads to further decay and damage.
  • Chips or Fractures – Crown made of porcelain or porcelain-infused-to-metal can sometimes chip. Porcelain is not as tough as your natural teeth and if the damage is extensive, the crown must be replaced immediately.
  • Nerve Issues – All teeth have a soft pulp where all the nerves are located. The process of getting dental crowns sometimes traumatizes these nerves that could cause discomfort to excruciating pain. You may need to get a root canal to resolve the issue and get a new crown.
  • Allergic Reactions – This is a rare occurrence that only affects people who are allergic to any metals used to make the crown. The only solution is to get a non-metal-based crown.
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