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Dental Implants in Boca Raton | What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Are you thinking about getting Dental Implants in Boca Raton? A dental implant is an excellent dental treatment option for individuals who want to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth. The materials used to make the implant have unique and special features that will give you a natural look while keeping your mandible healthy.

What Are Dental Implants?

To make it easier for you to grasp the idea of what dental implants are like, think of it as tooth roots but they look more like screws. These durable implants are fused into your jawbone to merge with your natural bone. They sever as a strong and stable foundation to support replacement teeth that are called crowns. Your dentist will use a connector also known as an abutment on top of the implant to hold the crown in place. The crowns are customized in shape and color to look exactly like your natural teeth. For nearly three decades, dental implants have improved the quality of life of millions of people with missing teeth.

What Are the Materials Used to Make Them?

The dental implant was discovered when a scientist learned that titanium could naturally bond with bone. Therefore, it makes sense that dental implants are made out of titanium alloys or titanium. When the implant is fused with the bone, the natural bone just grows around it and blends with it as if it were bone. This is the reason why implants function like your real teeth. As it holds the replacement tooth in place, it simultaneously stimulates jawbone growth. The artificial tooth or teeth are made from porcelain. They are tailor-made to match your neighboring teeth.

How Do You Care for them?

Even though your artificial teeth are highly durable and are designed to last for a long time, you still need to care for them because they aren’t intended to last forever. Caring for your implants is essential to prolong its lifespan. You should brush and floss your dental implants as you would your real teeth. It is also important that you see your dentist so they can check the condition of your implants.

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Looking for More Information About Dental Implants in Boca Raton?

When getting Dental Implants in Boca Raton, make sure you look for a reliable and qualified dental professional to perform the procedure. At Ferber Dental Group, we offer excellent dental care at an affordable price. Call us today for an appointment.