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Dental Implants in Boca Raton | Painful Sinus Lift is a Thing of the Past

Having been told that you have to undergo a sinus lift before getting dental implants in Boca Raton may seem discouraging, but we assure you that a painful sinus lift is now a thing of the past. A sinus lift is a surgical procedure which implants your bone to your upper jaw. To be more specific, the maxillary sinus membrane is grafted upwards to create additional space in your bone.

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Innovative Sinus Lift Takes the Pain Away

What’s The New Sinus Lift Procedure?

Innovative sinus lift creates a less invasive solution dental implant procedure. It is grounded on a distinctive dental implant that allows specialized dentists to complete a sinus lift procedure with the use of a basic hydraulic method. Considering that sinus lifts are mandatory for at least 20% of dental implants of those who have insufficient bone mass, today’s innovative sinus lift is the viable procedure. For the patients, this innovation seeks to prevent rigorous procedures, prevent facial bruising and swelling, and reduce recovery time and discomfort. For the dentists, the process considerably reduces the post-operative care, complications, and chair time. Hence, before getting dental implants, it’s best that you first undergo a sinus lift procedure.

How Long Does It Take

Unlike the traditional sinus lift which takes an hour-long procedure, the innovative sinus lift procedure only takes about 25 minutes or less. The procedure begins by safely drilling into the sinus floor. After this, the dental implant is inserted whereby its tip extends to the sinus. A fluid is then injected through the implant with the use of tube connector hooks.

who offers the best dental implants in boca raton?

Want to Know More About Dental Implants in Boca Raton?

Patients who underwent the traditional sinus lift would report bruising, swelling and pain. Therefore, if you want to avoid a highly invasive procedure, contact us today so you won’t have to experience the same pain others felt when they had a sinus lift.