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Dental Implants in Boca Raton | Use of Implants for Orthodontic Anchorage

The development and application of dental implants are one of the biggest advances in dentistry in the past 40 years. The first dental implants were placed on a patient in 1969 who never developed a permanent set of teeth. Now, dental implants in Boca Raton is the best solution to replace a missing tooth and improve the overall function of the teeth and mouth. Dental implants also act as a permanent teeth replacement in young adults with severe hypodontia.

How Implants Are Utilized as Anchorage Devices

Due to their osseointegration in the jawbone, dental implants are known to serve as firm anchorage devices. Osseo integrated dental implants are used as anchorage for tipping, extrusion, intrusion, torqueing, rotation, and those associated with bodily movements in partially edentulous adult patients. For example, a temporary crown with a bonded bracket can be cemented to an implant and moving adjacent tooth without affecting the natural dentition. Implants gained wide acceptance as an anchorage means in orthodontic treatment, but its successful outcome will always depend on a series of patient and procedure-related factors such as cortical bone thickness and density. The density of the cortical bone is considered a crucial factor because it contributes to the stability of the implants.

Why Orthodontic Anchorage is Necessary

Orthodontic anchorage is utilized to resist the force applied to teeth and successful orthodontic treatments rely on the sufficient control of anchorage and orthodontic anchorage can be divided into strong, moderate, and weak. Strong and moderate anchorage requires a headgear, a transverse palatal bar or a Nance bow. Anchorage in an orthodontic appliance attempts to dissipate the forces over as many teeth as possible and keep the pressure in the periodontal ligaments of the anchor teeth.

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