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Dental Implants in West Palm Beach | Ferber Dental Group

When you suffer the effects of a tooth loss,you understand the need of dental implants in West Palm Beach. Tooth loss affects many adults. It can cause social anxiety, it may not allow you to enjoy the foods you once did and tooth loss can cause you to lose self confidence. Dental implants in West Palm Beach allow you to have a natural looking and fully functional smile! You may be curious about what the procedure pertains though. What can you expect when you’re getting dental implants in West Palm Beach?Dental Implants in West Palm Beach Preliminary ExaminationDuring your examination to get dental implants in West Palm Beach, we will fully examine your teeth and jaw through x-rays and CT scans. By thoroughly examining the jaw bone and surrounding teeth, we are able to assess the available bone’s height and other features. This is important to determine whether or not a bone grafting procedure is necessary. A certain amount of bone needs to be present and healthy in order to get a dental implant. Because the titanium is replacing the base of the tooth in the jaw bone, there needs to be bone present to hold the implant. When you are missing a tooth, because the jaw bone is not being stimulated, it is possible for it to become weaker and possible some of it to whither away. With a dental implant, you are replacing not only the tooth, but the stimulation to the jaw bone, preventing damage to the bone. During the examinations it also important to evaluate the health of the gums. If there is any gum disease present, a treatment will most likely be necessary to prevent any complications with the dental implant.Getting dental implants in West Palm Beach doesn’t need to be a scary thing! At Ferber Dental Group we aim to make you as comfortable as possible, by informing you on every step of the process and making sure you fully understand the treatments and their purpose. For any other questions you may have about dental implants in West Palm Beach, call Ferber Dental Group today or connect with the best dental practice online!