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Dental Implants in West Palm Beach | Alternative Dental Implant Techniques

When it comes to tooth replacement options, dental implants are the superior choice. They function like real teeth, help prevent bone loss, and are permanent. Unfortunately for some people, dental implants are not the best choice for them due to medical reasons that would interfere with the healing process. The success of dental implants in West Palm Beach procedure relies upon the techniques used and the health of the patient. There is usually a planning phase, an implant insertion phase, and fitting of the dental bridge or crown once the implant site has healed completely.

Alternative Dental Implant Techniques

In addition to the traditional multi-step dental implant procedure, your dentist may suggest some alternative depending on your specific needs and the health of your jawbone. Options may include:

  • All-on-4 – This is an alternative to placing a top or bottom set of replacement teeth. This is also known as “implant supported dentures” where 4 implants are placed into the jawbone near the front of the mouth to be used as the base to attach and stabilize a set of dentures.
  • Immediate Load Dental Implants – Also called “same day implants”. Immediate load dental implant allows placement of a temporary tooth on the same day that you have the dental implant surgically placed into your jaw. This option is appropriate for you if you have enough natural bone density to support the implant and withstand pressure from chewing applied to the temporary tooth.
  • Mini Implants – Also known as narrow or small diameter implants are a small type of dental implant that is typically less than 3mm in diameter. This is a great option for patients who are not qualified for traditional dental implants as the surgery involve placing mini implants is less invasive. This implant is used primarily to stabilize a complete upper or lower denture.
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Delaying the treatment to replace missing teeth will eventually lead to bone loss and allows existing teeth to drift out of position. Dental implants in West Palm Beach promotes bone growth and prevent your face from sagging. To learn more about dental implants and their alternative techniques, contact Ferber Dental Group today.