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Dental Implants In West Palm Beach | How To Care For Your Implant?

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Did you know that most people are unaware of how to treat their dental implants? We make sure to provide you with not only the best quality dental implants, but also the most detailed information. Keep reading for more information about the best dental implants in West Palm Beach!Oral HygieneIn the first place, interproximal brushes are great for brushing hard to reach areas around your implant. It has a specially shaped head that is longer than that of a regular toothbrush used on a daily basis. Its elongated head and curved bristles remove plaque that could endanger your implant if left untreated.In particular, oral irrigators (water flossers) are great tools to reduce plaque and inflammation to maintain great oral health!SmokingIn addition, smoking habits are one of the top leading causes for dental implant complications. It is important to take care of your oral health by reducing tobacco-use that could have severe consequences for your implants.MaintenanceMoreover, we recommend that you make regularly scheduled appointments, so we can check the progress of your implant. After your dental implants are successfully anchored in your mouth, it is important to visit within 3-6 months.During these visits, we will analyze your mouth to check your teeth, gums, and the condition of your dental implant. We want to see you again, so do not hesitate to follow-up!Are You in Need of Dental Implants in West Palm Beach? Last but not least, your smile is the best thing that you could ever own. We are your leading dental implant experts who care about your overall oral health. We have made it our goal to give you great dental work along with great expert advice. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment!