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Dental Implants in West Palm Beach | Why You Need to Care for Your Implants

Dental implants provide strong support for teeth replacement and allow the function and appearance of the teeth to be restored. When performed by an experienced dentist or oral surgeon, dental implant surgery is considered to be one of the safest and most predictable types of dental surgery. Dental implants in West Palm Beach stimulate bone regrowth underneath the tooth. However, complications and several risks are associated with dental implants and should be thoroughly considered.

Possible Risks of Dental Implants

Like any surgery, dental implants pose some health risks, and though problems are rare when they occur, they’re usually minor and can be dealt with efficiently. Risks include:

Failure to Integrate

Primary implant stability following a dental implant procedure is a very significant factor for the integration of the implant into the bone. Inadequate primary security can lead to implant failure within the initial weeks after the surgery. When the implant cannot be placed in the bone sufficiently to provide the primary stability of the implant, there would be an increased risk of osseointegration failure.

Infection at the Implant Site

This is a considerable complication of dental implantation. It can occur in the affected area, presenting an inflammation, abscess, fistula, suppuration, or radiolucency. When the infection spreads out, it can also affect more extensive areas of the body to cause systemic disease.


Some of the nearby anatomic structures are sometimes injured during dental implantation. This includes perforation of the maxillary sinus, labial plate, lingual plate, inferior border, gingiva, or inferior alveolar canal. If the implant perforates the maxillary sinus, this can lead to sinus problems and infections in the implant site later on.

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