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Dental Implants in West Palm Beach | What You Need to Know About Zygomatic Implants

Dental implants in West Palm Beach are composed of various types to fully address a specific dental issue. One of the unique types of dental implants is the zygomatic implant. It differs from the conventional dental implant in such a way that it is fused into the cheekbone rather than the upper jaw of your mouth. It is commonly used when the bone quality of your upper jaw is inadequate for a conventional dental implant replacement.

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Is Zygomatic Implant the Best Alternative for Missing Teeth?

Complications Due to Zygomatic Implants

Dental implants such as zygomatic implants have been recognized to be an ideal alternative in the atrophic posterior maxilla rehabilitation. This type of implant dodges the sinus lift procedure and grafting process to give you a more comfortable implant treatment. However, there are always risks and complications when you undergo dental procedures, especially when you’re negligent. Studies show that the most common complication that a zygomatic implant can have on a patient is sinusitis. Nonetheless, this complication is only caused when a patient neglects his or her oral health and by an inexperienced dentist.

Benefits of Zygomatic Implants

Opting to have zygomatic implants is an excellent choice. First, the procedure offers an immediate improvement in comfort and appearance. Second, it is performed with a one-stage and safe procedure with lasting success rates. Third, zygomatic implants can permanently replace your teeth without compromising their natural look. And fourth, it is an operative solution for those who cannot undergo traditional dental implants because of their condition.

who offers dental implants in west palm beach?

Getting Even More Curious About Other Dental Implants in West Palm Beach?

If you want to install dental implants but don’t know which type is best for your condition, reach out to us and we’ll immediately get in touch with you. Whether you need zygomatic implants, pterygoid implants, or other dental implants, Ferber Dental Group has got it covered.