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Dentist in Boca Raton | What Are Dental Sealants?

Tooth decay is a serious condition that affects over 50% of the average adult. At Ferber Dental, we make it our priority to get you the best smile of your life. It is also important that you are provided with the best tooth decay preventative—dental sealants! Keep reading for more information about your dentist in Boca Raton!

What It Is

For starters, dental sealants are a great protective coating to prevent tooth decay! This coating seals the natural grooves of your teeth as a barrier to plaque and harmful acids.Typically, dental sealants are placed on children’s teeth. However, it has become more increasingly common that adults are getting sealants. Regardless of age, sealants are a great way to prevent tooth decay and cavities!

What to Expect

In addition, your mouth will be analyzed to determine if you are a candidate for dental sealants. Then, the treated area will be cleansed with a special toothpaste. An acidic solution will be placed on the treated area for a few seconds, and then rinsed. The solution allows your tooth to be rougher than its surrounding enamel.Afterward, your dental sealant can be placed after the solution has set in. The dental sealant is a liquid substance that is hardened after it is placed on the tooth. A specialized light hardens your new dental sealant for maximum wear and tear in the future.

Dentist in Boca Raton

Are You in Need of a Dentist in Boca Raton?

Last but not least, your oral health is such an important part of living a healthy life. That’s why our experts ensure that a healthy mouth begins with preventing tooth decay. Our dental sealants are perfect for realizing your smile’s full potential again. Contact us today to make an appointment!