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How Does Soda Affect My Teeth?

During the National Dental Health Month, every dentist Lake Worth try to remind people about the detrimental effects caused by sports drinks and sodas in their teeth. Poor oral health can harmfully affect work and school performance, as well as, an individual’s self-esteem and social skills. Dental hygiene habits are hugely shaped and influenced by the people surrounding us every day. Friends, siblings, and parents play a crucial role in getting kids off to a bad or good start. Knowing the healthy habits at an early age can intensely decrease future dental concerns.

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Link Between Soda and Tooth Decay

Soda: Biggest Dental Cavity Contributor

According to a dentist Lake Worth, one of the most common and major contributors to dental cavities is excessive drinking of sports drinks and sodas. The sugar content in these types of drinks can result in a quick rise in the development of cavities on your teeth. However, this is not the only danger that these drinks can give. Too much consumption of sports drinks and sodas comes with a high amount of acid that will considerably increase the possibility of enamel loss and extensive tooth decay. Enamel is known to be the hardest substance in your body but it is very vulnerable to breakdown from the acids found in acidic and sugary drinks. As stated by a dentist, enamel starts to dissolve below 5.5 pH levels. Thus, it is essential to note that the more acidic your drink gets, the faster the loss effects will take place.

Why Is It Important To Limit Your Consumption?

It is always a good idea to avoid consuming sports drinks and sodas. A dentist once said that you can drink these types of drinks only on special occasions or if you’re really looking for refreshment in order to prevent further enamel loss and production of extensive tooth decay.

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