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What Should I Know About Wisdom Teeth?

In the olden times when advanced and state-of-the-art dentistry is still inexistent, wisdom teeth were indispensable. Wisdom teeth are needed by our ancestors to bite through unprocessed foods and break whatever is necessary for their survival. However, as times change, tools and technologies became more advanced to the point that wisdom teeth became obsolete or no longer needed. Nowadays, wisdom teeth West Palm Beach are now considered dental problems rather than an indispensable matter for survival.

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What are the Common Facts Concerning Wisdom Teeth?

What is an Impacted Tooth?

Wisdom teeth normally emerge between the ages of 18-25. Although there are those who are born without wisdom teeth, a lot of people develop at least four wisdom teeth. When it emerges in an awkward position or if there is insufficient room to grow, it becomes an impacted tooth. It is noteworthy to know that approximately 60% to 70% of wisdom teeth emerge to be impacted teeth.

What are the Most Common Dilemmas?

Time and again, patients do not realize that they have developed an impacted tooth until it is already too late. Impacted wisdom teeth may cause further damage to the rest of your teeth. A crooked tooth may crash into the roots of your surrounding tooth, triggering structural issues. Aside from damaging your teeth, it can cause severe jaw stiffness, swelling, and pain.Additionally, impacted wisdom teeth may cause gum infections. As soon as you notice a slight pain in your third molars, it is essential that you should visit the dentist. Once the wisdom tooth begins to break, it can penetrate and adversely affect your gum line. Apart from gum infections, an impacted tooth can develop cysts that will harm your bone supporting the roots of your teeth.

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What to Do If You Have Wisdom Teeth West Palm Beach

If you experience the slightest pain and discomfort in your third molar, it is advisable to see the dentist immediately. Contact us today to set an appointment!