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Periodontist Lake Worth | How Your Periodontist Can Reverse Gum Disease

Addressing early signs of any disease is key to preventing any serious health problems and complications. The same thing goes for gum disease. Gum disease varies in severity from mild inflammation (gingivitis) to a chronic condition called periodontitis which can result in the loss of teeth. Nevertheless, reversing gum disease in its early stages is possible and easy if you know the signs and symptoms. Our periodontist Lake Worth will help you identify easy signs of gums disease and provide you’re the necessary treatment to control the problem.

The Importance of Daily Detection

If you have gum disease, it doesn’t automatically mean that all your teeth will fall out. There are ways to reverse the effects of gum disease. Early detection is key to treating gum disease effectively. This is why regular dental checkups are very important as one of the challenges for early detection of gum disease is its silent nature. A dental professional can intervene before gum disease has the chance to progress.

Practice Good Habits

Good oral hygiene habits are an essential step in reversing gum disease. Plaque and tartar buildup is one of the most common causes of gum disease. In the early stages of gum disease, professional teeth cleaning followed by good brushing and flossing will help your gum and teeth to return to a healthy state. In the later stage of gum disease, you will require more than just teeth cleaning during the initial treatment.

Is Reversing Gum Disease Always Possible?

If gum disease is left untreated for a longer period, the more damage it does. Bone loss, loose or lost teeth, and receding gums are some of the ways gum disease affects oral health. Reversing that damage requires more work. Your periodontist will perform procedures to repair the damage through dental implants to replace missing teeth or work together with an oral surgeon for gum grafts to help with receding gums. These procedures may not fix everything but they can reverse some of the damage caused by gum disease.

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Gum disease is not something you should ignore. If you want to find a way to reverse the effects of gum disease, schedule an appointment with our periodontist Lake Worth at Ferber Dental Group for more information.