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Popular Teeth Replacement Options

Missing teeth affect your quality of life. They interfere with speech, your ability to eat, and can cause a decrease in self-confidence. Moreover, replacing missing teeth is important for overall dental health. Whether you decide on dental implants or a dental bridge, deciding how to go about replacing teeth is a big decision.

Popular Teeth Replacement Options

Choosing Replacement TeethOver time, missing teeth can contribute to damage and loss of your remaining teeth. Loss of jawbone and sunken facial can result, as well. Furthermore, having remaining teeth compensate for lost teeth causes added stress and damages them. This is why choosing to replace missing thing is the best thing you can do for your oral health.Choosing a Replacement Method That is Right for YouIt is best to meet with a dentist to talk about your options for tooth replacement and clarify which works best for your needs. The most popular tooth replacement solutions that he or she will want to discuss are dental implants and dental bridges.For resorting one missing tooth, a 3-unitbridge can be constructed. In this case, the adjacent teeth around a gap are prepared for crowns. This means one tooth on either side of the gap is filed down and reshaped and the artificial tooth is placed in the gap. The bridge is installed onto the ‘anchor’ teeth with the false tooth floating in the middle.The anchor teeth of a bridge remain susceptible to wear, decay, and infection. Additionally, the lifespan of a dental bridge is approximately 10-15 years on average.

Choosing a Replacement Method That is Right for You

On the other hand, a dental implant will stand alone and not affect any surrounding teeth. The implant itself is comprised of a titanium screw, which is inserted into the jaw and acts as a prosthetic tooth root. Affixed to the top of the implant is a crown. The final result is a natural looking and feeling replacement tooth that cannot decay.The gums around dental implants are still vulnerable to gum disease. Therefore, a good oral hygiene routine is key to their success. However, dental implants provide functional and aesthetic restoration which can last a lifetime. Not to mention, dental implants are 98% successful for over more than 50 years.Getting Bridges and Dental Implants in Boynton BeachThe Ferber Dental Group is committed to providing exceptional care to those looking to restore their smile. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and start the conversation on which tooth replacement solution is right for you.