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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in Lake Worth | What Does It Consist Of?

Pre-prosthetic surgery is the preparation of a patients mouth before the placement of dentures. This is necessary for some patients in order for their dentures to fit as comfortably as possible. Therefore, pre-prosthetic surgery could consist of bone smoothing and reshaping, removal of excess bone, or removal of excess gum tissue, depending on the patient’s specific needs. Below are the details of what pre-prosthetic surgery can entail. So, if you are in need of pre-prosthetic surgery in Lake Worth, contact our office today!

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in Lake Worth

Bone Smoothing and Reshaping

For your dentures to fit as comfortably as possible, it might be necessary for you to smooth or reshape your existing bone. This process is referred to as alveoloplasty, and its main purpose is to help prevent sore spots from sharp edges underneath your dentures.

Removal of Excess Bone

In some situations, you may have an excess bone that requires removal in order for a denture to properly fit. If the bone is small in size, it might not have to be removed. However, if the bone is on the large, it could get in the way of how your denture sits in your mouth and will need to be removed.

Removal of Excess Gum Tissue

In certain situations, a pre-existing denture that doesn’t fit properly can result in extra folds of gum, lip, and cheek tissue. Therefore, this generally occurs when a denture is worn for too long and no longer fits properly. So, in order for new dentures to properly fit, this extra tissue will have to be removed.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in Lake Worth

Patients receive the highest quality care with Ferber Dental Group. Our staff of doctors including Ivy League graduates and former dental school faculty, guarantee exceptional dental care. So, if you are in need of pre-prosthetic surgery, we will review your particular needs with you during a consultation. Contact our office today and we’ll have you smiling again!