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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in Lake Worth | Why Do I Need Oral Surgery?

A denture sits on the bone ridge of the jaw. Therefore, it is crucial that the bone is the proper shape and size to ensure your maximum level of comfort. Before receiving a new smile with partial or complete dentures, your dentist may inform you that pre-prosthetic surgery is necessary. Pre-prosthetic surgery is the set of minor oral surgical procedures that guarantee your prosthesis is well-fitting. Read on to learn about some of the procedures for pre-prosthetic surgery in Lake Worth and how they assist with dentures.

3 Types of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Bone Smoothing and ReshapingAfter extractions necessary for dentures are performed, the underlying bone may be sharp and uneven. Consequently, the bone should be smoothed in order to provide the best fit for your dentures. This also applies to patients that have already had their teeth removed. If dentures are uncomfortable or difficult to use while in place, smoothing or bone reshaping could be used for a proper-fitting denture.Removal of Excess BoneSometimes, patients may have excess bone along the ridge. This excess bone can protrude and cause major discomfort while wearing dentures. In most cases, excess bone usually needs to be removed before dentures can be properly fitted.Removal of Excess Gum TissueIf you are not new to wearing dentures, then the removal of excess gum tissue is a pre-prosthetic procedure that may be more applicable to you. When a denture has been worn for a long time and is ill-fitting, extra folds of gum, lip, and cheek tissue may have developed. These extra folds of tissue won’t allow a new denture to be properly and need to be removed.

What are some of the procedures for pre-prosthetic surgery in Lake Worth?

Do You Need Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in Lake Worth?

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