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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth | Alveoplasty Explained

Every mouth is shaped differently. If you are not happy with your jaw, you can have the option to have your jaw altered surgically. A popular dental treatment today is Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth. Let’s get to know what this procedure is all about.

What is This Kind of Surgery?

During the procedure, the edges of your alveolar ridge together with its neighboring structures are smoothened, contoured and redefined in order to accommodate a well-fitting dental prosthesis.

Why is This Surgery Performed?

This procedure is usually performed to optimize the shape of a jawbone to allow a smooth insertion, retention, comfort, and stability of a dental appliance. Often times it is done to establish the shape of a jawbone to aid in the healing process.

How much is the Procedure Going to Cost?

Unlike other dental procedures where the prices are fixed, in alveoloplasty, the fees associated with the procedure are determined by two factors. Firstly, your dentist will look at the percentage of the jawbone that is about to be treated. You can expect to pay more for stand-alone procedures. Generally, they cost fifty percent more compared to when the procedure is done with tooth extraction.

Looking for More Information Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth?

Understanding and learning about a Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth are important because it will help you prepare for the procedure not just emotionally and physically but financially as well. If you want to learn more about the procedure, we encourage you to give Ferber Dental Group a call. Call us today to schedule for an appointment.