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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth | When and Why is Alveoplasty Necessary

Alveoplasty is a pre-prosthetic surgery Lake Worth procedure in which the jawbone ridge is surgically re-contoured and modified. This is usually done after a tooth extraction to enhance the healing process and prepare the jawbone for subsequent dental restoration procedures such as dentures. This is often done to prepare the mouth to receive a dental prosthesis by improving the quality and condition of the supporting structures for better retention, stability, and strong support to the prosthesis.

Why is an Alveoplasty Performed?

Tooth extraction, in some cases, leaves the jawbone surface uneven with high and low points in the socket where the tooth used to be. This could be a problem because the denture will likely rub against the high points of the socket, making it unstable. Alveoplasty is performed to smooth out the jawbone to achieve correct alignment. This will make dentures easier to fit as well as helping patients by improving the retention of the said dental prosthesis.

Who Should Undergo Alveoplasty?

This procedure is recommended for patients that are considering getting dentures after their tooth extraction. This can also be done for those who have lost their complete set of natural teeth for a long time and have experienced weakness in their jawbone after bone loss took place. After the procedure, patients are required to rest for several days, especially if alveoplasty is performed with a tooth extraction. The patient will be placed on a soft diet for a couple of days to ensure the surgical wound remains unopened and undamaged.

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Should You Consider a Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth?

If you having issues with ill-fitting dentures or is considering dentures following a tooth extraction, a pre-prosthetic surgery Lake Worth would be right for you. If you need to learn more about alveoplasty, contact Ferber Dental Group today for more information.