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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth | What is Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery is a surgical procedure aims to improve the condition of the oral tissues to enable a removable denture to rest on a solid base. This prepared patients for denture placements or another dental prosthesis. After a tooth loss, the bone beneath the gums can change over time and when the bone is uneven, creating a denture that securely fits can be impossible. This is why some patients require pre-prosthetic surgery Lake Worth before receiving their dentures.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth

A comfortable fit is important for a functional, stable denture. Dentures that don’t fit properly can cause discomfort, sores, and result in difficulty eating and speaking. To help you achieve the best fit for your dentures, an oral surgeon can help you evaluate your situation. You may need one or more of the following procedures to prepare your mouth for dentures:

  • Bone Ridge Reduction
  • Bone Smoothing and Reshaping
  • Removal of excess bone or Soft tissue
  • Exposure of impacted teeth

Objectives of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery aims to help restore oral functions, aesthetics, and facial form by preparing the soft and hard tissues of the jaws for a prosthesis. The objectives of this surgery are to:

  • Improve the patient’s quality of life
  • Preserve or improve jaw structure
  • Restore overall function of the jaw (speech, mastication of food, and swallowing)
  • Eliminates pain and discomfort due to an ill-fitting prosthesis by surgically modifying the area where the denture is going to be installed.

Classifications of Pre-Prosthetic Surgical Procedures

  • Basic Procedures – Can be carried out under local anesthesia and can be done in one appointment.
  • Advanced Surgical Procedures – Require general anesthesia and hospitalization.
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Need Our Assistance?

If you are considering dentures to replace missing teeth and your dentist suggests a pre-prosthetic surgery Lake Worth, schedule an appointment with us at Ferber Dental Group. Our oral surgeons will assess your case and will give you more information about the procedure.