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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth | The Ultimate Guide to Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery Lake Worth aims to strengthen the hard and soft tissues of your jaws for a relaxed prosthesis procedure. It has the ability to reestablish the facial form, aesthetics, and oral functions of your mouth. Also, the objective of pre-prosthetic surgery is to improve your jaw structure, as well as, your quality of life.

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All the Things You Need to Learn About Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

How Does It Work?

Pre-prosthetic surgery eliminates discomfort due to an irregularly-made prosthesis. Likewise, it is able to re-establish the aesthetics and oral functions of your mouth by introducing an endosseous implant into your jaw. Pre-prosthetic surgery is performed by refining the condition of the overlying soft tissues or residual ridge before undergoing any denture procedures.

Why Should You Undergo Pre-Prosthetic Surgery?

By improving the condition of your tissues, a successful pre-prosthetic surgery also improves the stability and retention of your denture. Additionally, the surgery also exposes your impacted teeth, removes the excess gum tissue, reduces bone ridges, removes any excess bone, and smoothens or reshapes your bone.

Treatment and Diagnosis Planning

Before undergoing any surgery, it is essential that you must first evaluate everything. You need to determine whether your tooth needs to be extracted or removed. During the treatment, the exceptionally displaceable tissue will be removed to create a firm denture foundation. The mandibular tori will likewise be removed to avoid any intervention in the optimal location of the prosthesis. When performing a diagnosis, skill and good judgment go hand-in-hand. The surgery must be exercised with prosthetic and surgical management coupled with procedural planning. Moreover, if you’re getting a removable partial denture, the use of osseointegrated implants is highly recommended.

who offers the best pre-prothetic surgery lake worth?

Want to Know More About Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth?

Pre-prosthetic surgery is somehow a complicated matter. Contact us now to know more about it.