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Root Canals in Lake Worth | What is a Root Canal?

Do you find yourself with tooth sensitivity? If so, you may need to get a root canal—a procedure that removes the infected center of the tooth. At Ferber Dental, we make it our priority to make sure that you are getting the best smile possible. Learn more by reading below about root canals in Lake Worth!

What It Is

For starters, a root canal is a dental procedure to remove the infected center of your tooth—known as the pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels, tissue, and nerves. Therefore, this portion of your tooth can become infected and cause severe swelling and pain.

Common Symptoms

In addition, over 14 million root canal procedures are performed every year. Equally important, is that you may be experiencing root canal symptoms and not even know that it is occurring. These include:

  • Gum tenderness
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Tooth sensitivity to cold or heat
  • Tooth discoloration (dark coloring)

What to Expect

Moreover, a candidate for root canal treatment must be diagnosed. This may be completed with an x-ray exam, where we will scan for tender gums and teeth darkening. After diagnosis, the pulp must be removed, and the tooth canal cleaned.Furthermore, patients will be under local anesthesia and completed within one or two visits. Afterward, we recommend consulting with your restoration dentist to determine which type of restoration treatment your tooth needs. As always, schedule a follow-up appointment and practice good dental hygiene!

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Are You in Need of Root Canals in Lake Worth?

Lastly, we always put your oral health at the top of the list. Root canal treatments protect your teeth from total decay so you can smile confidently again. If you feel like you may need a root canal, schedule an appointment with our experts today!