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What Is a Single-Tooth Dental Implant? | West Palm Beach Dentist

For a variety of reasons, people find themselves in situations where they could be missing a tooth. 69% of Americans from ages 35-44 are missing at least one tooth! Either through a trauma to the tooth or through poor dental health, if you are missing a tooth, you understand the difficulty in doing certain activities that were not an issue at all before. Eating certain foods and even smiling in your everyday life become difficult and uncomfortable tasks for some when you are missing a tooth. When you start to look for tooth replacement options, there are a variety of alternatives, one being a single tooth dental implant. Learn more about this procedure below in our blog!Single-Tooth Dental ImplantWhen you are trying to pick a professional dentist in West Palm Beach for a single tooth dental implant, it is important to understand the procedure and benefits of a dental implant. A dental implant is the best tooth replacement for many different reasons. By replacing a missing tooth with a single tooth dental implant, you are replacing your tooth with the alternative most similar to a natural tooth. A single tooth dental implant involves a titanium post being implanted into the jaw, which basically acts as the tooth root. By having the titanium post implanted as a tooth root would be, your jaw doesn’t suffer any lack of stimulation which could lead to bone loss. Then the crown is attached to the top of the post, and you have a tooth replacement method that most resembles a natural tooth.When you are looking for a dentist in West Palm Beach who has the technical ability and experience to help you with your dental implant, just call Ferber Dental Group! A group of professional and highly knowledgeable dentists, the Ferber Dental Group will have you smiling in no time!