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Why Does My Crown Hurt?

Many think that after receiving dental crowns in West Palm Beach that there will never be tooth pain there again. However, pain around a tooth crown does exist. If you’re experiencing discomfort around your crown, whether new or continued, it’s important that you find the cause and treat it for real relief.

What Causes Tooth Crown Pain?

Crowns cause pain for a number of reasons. If your crown was fitted without having a root canal procedure to remove the tooth pulp, it could be putting pressure on a traumatized nerve. Unless a bite, also known as occlusion, is perfectly aligned, a patient who grinds his or her teeth during sleep could experience pain from pressing down on any high spots or areas where the tooth is higher than it should be.Another cause of pain comes from previous fillings. Silver especially, may have had leakages resulting in bacteria infecting the nerve root. Leaks in fillings can cause serious tooth sensitivity and pain.

What Can Be Done About Tooth Crown Pain?

After examining your mouth, your dentist may ask you to bite down on articulating paper to determine whether there are any high spots affecting your occlusion. If there are high spots, these areas will be filed down to provide better bite alignment. For excessive teeth grinding, your dentist can fit you with a custom mouth guard that creates a protective layer between your upper and lower teeth for while you sleep.If the dentist discovers an infection in the tooth beneath the crown, it may be necessary to perform a root canal procedure. This could require removal of the crown. In some instances, the dentist is able to drill an access hole in the crown and perform the root canal without removing and replacing the crown. This is a complex process, but it may help to save on costs because crowns often can’t be reused after removal.

Need Help with Your Dental Crowns in West Palm Beach

When you experience tooth crown pain, it’s important to identify and address the cause as quickly as possible. This type of pain seldom goes away without having treatment to resolve it. Contact the Ferber Dental Group today if you’re experiencing pain within your dental crowns.