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Will My Smile Be Stable And Comfortable With Implant Supported Dentures?

When people are looking for a reliable and permanent way toreplace their damaged or missing teeth, then they should look no further than implant supported dentures in Greenacres, FL. Dental health is an important aspect of overallhealth, and implant supported dentures can play a major role in restoring thehealth of a patient’s smile.


They offer several advantages over traditional dentures,including improved stability when eating or speaking and greater overall comfort. Continue reading to learn more about how implant supported dentures can improvesmiles.


What Are Implant Supported Dentures?


Implant supported dentures in Greenacres, FL, are a type of denture that issupported by two or more dental implants. After the dental implant posts are strategically and accurately placed in the patient’s mouth, the dental implant posts can fuse with the patients jawbone in a natural process that is known asosseointegration.


After the dental implants have fused in the patient’sjawbone, they are a permanent part of the patients mouth and can stabilize the patient’s denture for years to come.


Are There Benefits To Getting Implant Supported Dentures In Greenacres, FL?


Compared to traditional dentures which only restore 20% of apatient’s biting power and dental functionality, requires constant repairs andmaintenance, and are not a permanent tooth replacement option, implantsupported dentures are a more stable, functional, and reliable toothreplacement option.


When patients get treated with implant supported dentures,they can look forward to having a stable smile, a stimulated jawbone, and theability to resume a normal diet without having to worry about their denturesfalling out and casing them discomfort.


Come To Our Exceptional Office For Your Implant Supported Dentures!


Are you ready to upgrade your smile from traditionaldentures to stable and comfortable implant supported dentures? At our caring andexperienced office, we can transform the look and function of your smile withthis life-improving procedure. Get in contact with our doctor, Dr. Brian Ferber at our Greenacres, FL office to schedule an appointment with us today!