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What Exactly is Pericoronitis?

Wisdom teeth West Palm Beach can also be impacted or they can partially erupt through your gums. When wisdom teeth are poorly aligned they can create damage to nearby teeth, create overcrowding, or damage your nerves and jawbone. Similarly, if your wisdom teeth are impacted it can result in tooth decay, swelling, pain, and jaw stiffness. However, experts say that having wisdom teeth that have not yet erupted may lead to the development of pericoronitis.

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Salient Points on Pericoronitis

What is it?

Operculitis, commonly known as pericoronitis, is a condition that includes the swelling and inflammation of the soft tissues that surround your tooth which partially erupted. Tooth eruption of wisdom teeth West Palm Beach is one of the first stages of tooth development wherein your tooth becomes visible as it grows through the gum tissue or gingiva.

What are the Symptoms?

Pericoronitis symptoms may be mild or severe. Mild symptoms include an unpleasant smell or bad taste, discharge of pus, difficulty in biting, or swollen and painful gum tissue. On the other hand, the severe symptoms of this dental condition, resulting from wisdom teeth West Palm Beach, may include spasms of the jaw, fever, swollen lymph nodes, swelling of the face, and difficulty in opening your mouth.

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Avoid Pericoronitis by Preventing Wisdom Teeth West Palm Beach Issues

When a wisdom tooth has erupted, the procedure will be a basic tooth extraction but if the tooth is under the gums and is still in the jawbone or there is only a partial eruption, then it will require a surgical incision through the gums and the removal of a part of the bone over the tooth. In such a case, the extraction of the tooth will be done individually to reduce the amount of bone that will be removed to get the wisdom tooth out. Contact us today for more information!