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Avoiding a Failed Dental Implant

Dental implants are a very popular tooth replacement option due to their many benefits. Not only are dental implants aesthetically pleasing, they also function just like your natural teeth and are extremely durable. However, even though the percentage of dental implants are successful and are long-lasting, there are a few scenarios that can cause a dental implant to fail. Below are a few reasons why implants fail, and how you can avoid them. If you are in need of dental implants in Boynton Beach, contact our office today!

Not Enough Existing Bone in Your Jaw

In order to be successful, implants need a certain amount of bone. If you don’t have enough bone quality or quantity your implant could fail. However, with the help of bone grafting, you could enhance the amount of bone volume in your jaw.

Grinding Your Teeth

If you grind your teeth in your sleep, you are more susceptible to damaging your dental implant. In order to avoid pressure on your dental implant, invest in a mouth guard to wear at night. This can help avoid a variety of potential damage.

Gum Disease

Because your dental implant is artificial, it cannot become infected. However, the surrounding gums and bone can still develop dangerous plaque that could lead to gum disease. Gum disease will weaken the support of your implant causing the implant to fail. To avoid the development of gum disease make sure to make your oral hygiene a priority and visit your dentist regularly.

Are You in Need of Dental Implants in Boynton Beach?

Are you insecure about your incomplete smile? Dental implants are a beautiful solution if you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile and overall health.  Contact Ferber Dental Group to learn more about how dental implants can help you. The smile you have been dreaming of is more achievable than you think!