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Besides Improving The Look Of My Smile, What Do Dental Implants In Greenacres, FL Do For Me?

an image of a dental implant.

A dental implant in Greenacres, FL is a gold standard tooth replacement option. The types of dental implant options patients can get treated with, depending on the number of missing teeth they have, are single dental implants, implant supported dentures, and full mouth dental implants. Dental implants can be customized so that they improve the look of the patients smile.

Specifically, the color, shape, and size of the dental implant’s prosthesis can be customized to give patients beautiful new teeth that look natural in their smile. Besides improving their look, dental implants can improve the patients smile in a number of other ways as well. Continue reading to learn about the other ways dental implants can improve a patient’s smile.

Besides Their Look, How Exactly Do Dental Implants In Greenacres, FL Improve A Patient’s Smile?

Besides giving patients more aesthetically enhanced new teeth that look natural in their smile, dental implants can also improve a patient’s smile in numerous other ways. The following are the main ways dental implants can improve the function and health of patient’s smiles.

Restores Chewing And Speaking Capabilities:

Dental implants significantly restore a patient’s chewing and speaking capabilities. This is because the dental implant post is made to function like a natural tooth root, providing a strong and stable foundation for the tooth crown to be mounted on.

Secure and stable dental implants allow patients to chew their food effectively and comfortably, giving them the ability to enjoy a wider range of foods. Teeth also play a crucial role in a patient’s speaking capabilities. The tongue strikes against the back of the teeth to articulate certain sounds. When teeth are missing, it can cause slurred or mumbled speech. Dental implants can replace these missing teeth, restoring the patient’s ability to speak clearly.

Are Stable:

Dental implants are a stable tooth replacement option because of the dental implant post. When the dental implant post is placed in the patient’s jawbone, it fuses with it in a process called osseointegration, giving them a permanent new smile.

The dental implant post also stimulates the patients jawbone like a natural tooth root would, keeping the jawbone healthy and dense enough to stabilize the patient’s new teeth. Once the prosthesis is securely attached to the dental implants, it won’t slip out or move out of place.

Maintains The Patients Facial Structure:

Dental implants play a vital role in maintaining a patient’s facial structure. When people have a missing tooth, not only is the visible part (the crown) lost, but also the hidden part (the root) that is embedded in their jawbone. Over time, the absence of the root causes the jawbone to slowly recede and lose its density. This loss of bone mass can lead to changes in the persons facial structure, often resulting in them having a sunken-in and prematurely aged looking face.

Dental implants are made to function like natural teeth. The dental implant post acts like a natural root, stimulating the patient’s jawbone to prevent jawbone density loss. This stimulation helps to maintain the contours of the patient’s jawline, preserving their facial structure and youthful appearance.

Preserves Surrounding Healthy Teeth:

Dental implants play a significant role in preserving the health of the patient’s surrounding natural teeth. Traditional tooth replacement options, such as dental bridges, often require the alteration of the patients remaining natural teeth to support their artificial tooth. This process can lead to the natural tooth getting damaged, weakening its structural integrity.

In contrast, dental implants are standalone units that do not rely on neighboring teeth for support. The dental implant post is inserted directly into the patient’s jawbone, functioning like a natural tooth root. Dental implants won’t compromise the health of the patients surrounding natural teeth, preserving their natural structure and health.

By getting treated with state-of-the-art dental implants, patients will be able to bite, chew, and speak with their strong and healthy new smile.

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