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Bone Grafting Lake Worth | Why You May Need Dental Bone Grafting

Missing teeth results in bone loss to the jaw. Bone loss happens when the natural stimulation for bone growth created by the force of teeth chewing can no longer occur. In the first year alone after tooth loss, the width of the bone can reduce by 25%. Progressive bone loss can also limit your choices for tooth replacement and alter your facial profile. Fortunately, dentists can perform bone grafting Lake Worth procedures that stimulate new bone growth. Bone grafting when done immediately after a tooth extraction, can prevent excessive bone loss and allow placement of dental implants in the future.

When is Bone Grafting Surgery Necessary?

If you are considering getting dental implants, you may not be a suitable candidate if you have excessive bone loss. Implants need sufficient bone for support and generally, you’ll need 2 mm of healthy bone in front and behind your implants. A bone graft will ensure the stability and longevity of your dental implants. Bone grafts are derived from an animal or synthetic material, another human being, or from the patient itself. The dentist will determine the source used and what will work best for the patient’s situation. Not all bone grafting procedures are the same as the particular approach applied will depend on the location in the mouth and the degree of bone loss.

Why Bone Grafting is Beneficial

Aside from being an effective remedy to the patient’s bone loss, bone grafting could also make you a suitable candidate for the best tooth replacement procedure available in modern cosmetic dentistry — dental implants. Bone regeneration expands your restorative choices, improve the bone mass at a missing tooth site, and improves your health and appearance by restoring lost bone.

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Considering Implants but Bone Loss May Be a Problem? Bone Grafting Lake Worth is for You!

If you have missing teeth and have a considerable amount of bone loss, a bone grafting Lake Worth technology is what you need. Dental implants placements won’t be suitable if you don’t have enough healthy bone to support them. If you want to learn more about this procedure, schedule an appointment with us at Ferber Dental Group today for more information.