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Causes of Tooth Loss and How it Affects You

Every cosmetic dentist Lake Worth would say that tooth loss is a common dental issue that causes your teeth to realign in the mouth. This occurrence will, later on, lead to a lot of functional issues because of your teeth’s instability. For adults, we all know that aging is not the only natural cause of tooth loss. Below are some of the common causes you need to be wary about so you can avoid losing your teeth.

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Common Causes of Tooth Loss

Poor Dental Hygiene

As provided by a cosmetic dentist Lake Worth, poor dental hygiene is the number one cause of tooth loss. To stop the bacteria from spreading, it is essential to clean the plaque that’s keeping the bacteria in your mouth. Not only is plaque responsible for tooth decay and cavities, but they are likewise the cause of various gum diseases. In the long run, the gum disease and cavities will result in losing one or all of your teeth.

Detrimental Behaviors for Teeth

The simple and constant acts of opening things with your teeth, piercing the tongue or lip, chewing hard objects like ice, smoking, excessive intake of energy drinks, and grinding teeth are acts that can be detrimental to your teeth, making you lose your teeth faster as you age.

Harmful Eating Habits

As every cosmetic dentist Lake Worth would advise after treatment, maintaining a healthy diet, and avoiding food that can easily stain and damage your teeth are important. Although few people may only, diet plays a great role when it comes to the development of cavities. As a matter of fact, what you eat can determine whether you will soon have tooth decay or cavities.

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Avoid the natural causes of tooth loss like aging may be inevitable. However, you can still try to slow things down. Contact us today for more information!