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Dental Implants in Boca Raton | Ditch Dentures for Dental Implants

Do you need help convincing if you should ditch your dentures for Dental Implants in Boca Raton? If you’re reading this, we’re certain that you’re considering the idea of replacing your dentures and all you need is a little push. One thing is for certain; dental implants are way better than dentures. With that said, here are three reasons why you should completely let go of your dentures and embrace dental implants with open arms!

Dental Implants are a Worthwhile Investment

Dental implants are not just good for your physical health; they are also good for your emotional health. Even though they come with a price, you can think of it as a worthwhile and lifelong investment since it lasts a lifetime. There is no need for you to replace them every five years because it’s a permanent dental solution to teeth loss. You can smile your widest smile and be confident that dental implants are there to stay as long as you give it ample care.

Offers Unparalleled Function

Since a dental implant procedure involves the surgical insertion of titanium posts into your jawbone, you can bet it’s strong, durable and stable. Compared to other prosthetics like dentures where you have to watch what you eat, with dental implants, you can eat like you normally do because they are strongly established and fused to your bone like real tooth roots. The plus side is that they don’t slip and come off when you chew or speak.

Promotes Oral Health

Just so you know, if you don’t replace missing teeth, the remaining natural teeth will shift causing overcrowding and possibly gum disease due to the accumulation of plaque and tartar. It’s also possible that it will affect your bite. Since dental implants are biocompatible, crafted to look like real teeth and surgically implanted to your jawbone for continuous stimulation, it’s as if you didn’t lose any teeth at all.

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Why go for dentures and other dental prosthetics when you can choose Dental Implants in Boca Raton? It’s the best choice for patients who are qualified for dental implants. At Ferber Dental Group, we offer excellent dental care that won’t cost you a fortune. Call us today for an appointment.