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Dental Implants in Boca Raton | How They Work and the Aftercare

Home care must begin before and after a dental implant procedure. This is to make sure that optimal healing is achieved, and you are eligible for this procedure. In order for a patient to be qualified for dental implants in Boca Raton, a patient must have adequate bone and healthy gums to support the implants.

Maintenance and Aftercare

Installing dental implants require surgery. Therefore, thorough aftercare is highly recommended for fast recovery and avoid infections. After the procedure, there are certain things or habits that you are not allowed to do. Single implants use a low-abrasive toothpaste, brush twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush, use floss with unwaxed tape or floss specifically for implants, and use a recommended oral irrigator.

Dental Implants and How They Work

Dental implants replace a tooth root with metal, screw-like posts that are made from titanium. This procedure is designed to fuse with the jawbone to make it permanent. They consist of several parts.

  • The Implant – Made from titanium and place in the upper or lower jaw.
  • The Abutment — Can be made from titanium, porcelain, or gold and is attached to the implant with a screw. This connects the implant to the crown.
  • The Crown – Usually made of porcelain fused to a metal alloy. This is screwed or cemented into the abutment.

Need Dental Implant Procedure Done?

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