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How Smoking Can Destroy Your Dental Implants

Majority of patients who smoke question themselves if they will still qualify for dental implants in West Palm Beach and whether the surgery will have a higher success rate. In truth, it is possible for a smoker to undergo dental implants surgery. However, you’ll have to avoid your habit on pause if you want to get a successful outcome out of your treatment. Although you’re already in the habit by the time you’re about to get your dental implants done, proper maintenance can still result in a perfect smile.

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Increase Your Dental Implants Success Rate by Not Smoking

How Smoking Affects Your Surgery

Because of the detrimental effects of nicotine, you will get lower chances of getting successful dental implants in West Palm Beach. There are 3 common effects that will prevent your dental implants to achieve its optimal result. For instance, nicotine will prevent your bone from fusing with your implants. Lack of oxygen and blood flow decreases your body’s ability to properly heal. Likewise, it can affect the osseointegration process.Additionally, nicotine slows down your immune system defense and healing mechanism. Nicotine, whether found in a nicotine patch or cigarette, will prevent the flow of blood and oxygen to your oral tissue and bone.

How Long After the Surgery Can You Smoke?

Same with other surgery, you’ll be required to comply with your dentist’s pre- and post-operation recommendations. Although it is highly advised that every smoker should stop their habit months before the surgery, you can still achieve the best results if you stop smoking at least 1 to 2 weeks before the treatment. If you’re wondering about how long will you be able to start smoking again after your dental implants in West Palm Beach, the length of time varies.

who offers dental implants in west palm beach?

Know More About the Link between Smoking and Dental Implants in West Palm Beach

If you want to know how long after the surgery can you smoke, contact us today so we can assess your condition.