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Dental Implants in West Palm Beach | Steps to Consider Properly Before Implant Placement

Dental implant placement is not an instantaneous process that would only take one dental visit to complete. This is why before scheduling for the dental implant procedure, a thorough treatment plan should be laid out properly and this is essential with every patient. Major steps such as thorough evaluation of the patient’s medical history, appropriate treatment planning, and proper diagnosis should be carefully done. Dental implants in West Palm Beach have a success rate of 98% but without a proper treatment plan for the procedure, that could result in implant failure.

Thorough Medical History Evaluation

A 2013-2014 survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics showed that 69.6% of adults aged 45-64 and 90.8% of those aged 65 are reported taking at least one prescription drug. Clinicians must know what medications their patients are taking and for which conditions. If your dentist and oral surgeon will know what medications you’re taking, they will know how it may affect the outcome of your implant surgeries.

Proper Diagnosis

Proper diagnosis for implant placements is paramount to having enough information for the best long-term prognosis of a patient. Assessment of bone quality, proper and sufficient place for restoration(s) and bone quantity are crucial steps to take before moving forward with the implant placement. This is to make sure that the dental implants will have strong structural support to avoid possible failure.

Appropriate Treatment Planning

After completing a comprehensive medical history evaluation, appropriate treatment planning can be started. This method will help your oral surgeon prevent missing any crucial steps for the procedure. It is crucial to set proper expectations about the options, risks, benefits, and the possible outcome of the procedure. Your oral surgeon will walk you through the whole process and educate you about the proper maintenance required after the completion of the dental implant surgery.

Considering Dental Implants in West Palm Beach?

If you have questions or concerns about dental implants in West Palm Beach in general, you should reach out to our team at Ferber Dental Group to have your concerns addressed accordingly.