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Dentist in West Palm Beach | Periodontal Health in Women

Did you know that gum disease can occur in women due to biological factors? We are your experts for oral health, dental hygiene, and so much more. That’s why it is important for us to identify early gum disease in its beginning stages, so you can plan ahead. Keep reading for more information about the best dentist in West Palm Beach!


For starters, the hormonal levels in women contribute to periodontal issues that may occur throughout their lifetime. Puberty increases hormones in the body causing gum sensitivity. As such, this can make it harder for your gums to fight off plaque and susceptible to food particles. Typically, tender swollen gums are the first symptom.


In addition, a woman’s teeth and gums are affected during her 9-month journey. Beginning from the second month, red or tender gums may occur. During this time period, the gums are irritated due to large fluctuations of hormones in the body.Also, there may be lumps that arise as a result of these irritants. You should not feel alarmed; however, it is something that should be taken care of after giving birth.


Furthermore, you can expect increasing and decreasing levels of hormones after a woman begins menopause. Typically, a dry mouth and sour taste from the gums can be felt as a result. A professional cleaning may be needed to alleviate the latter conditions.

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Last but not least, we know that a beautiful smile is important to you. A great set of teeth begins with great gums and a visit to our office will aid your condition. If you may be experiencing periodontal issues seek treatment right away. Contact us today more information!