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Dentures in West Palm Beach | What Should I Know About Dentures?

At a glance, dentures in West Palm Beach are simply a method for replacing missing teeth. Whether teeth have been lost to severe decay, injury, accident, or heredity, there are both partial and full denture options available to fit your dental needs. Designed to be comfortable and natural-looking, dentures are also completely removable for ease of care and cleaning.

Reasons to Choose Dentures

Cost – Dentures consistently prove to be a more economical choice than other tooth replacement options.Speed – Dentures are created with a quick turnaround time. Therefore, you can start wearing them soon after discussing them with your dentist.Aesthetics – Contrary to popular belief, dentures are designed to look like natural teeth and be aesthetically pleasing for each patient. Modern-day dentures look more like natural teeth than those of the past.

How Dentures Help

Comfort – Eat and speak with ease instead of dealing with the discomfort of missing teeth.Health – Getting dentures protects any remaining teeth from excess wear and tear.Appearance – A smile that’s full of bright teeth looks great on anyone at any age.

Caring for Dentures

Cleaning – It is recommended that you clean your dentures at least twice a day. This includes once in the morning and once at night.Care – While durable for chewing and everyday wear, dentures are fragile when it comes to falling on hard surfaces. This means you should use caution when cleaning them. Try to clean dentures over a sink full of water or a towel in case they should fall.Rest – You should always remove your dentures at night and store them in water to prevent damage.

Get a Better Smile with Dentures in West Palm Beach

If you’re interested in replacing your missing teeth with dentures, contact the Ferber Dental Group today! Our team of expert doctors can create dentures for you that will keep you smiling.