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Ferber Dental Group | 4 Foods for Healthy Teeth

You are what you eat. This common phrase holds true for both your oral and overall health. We all know that sugary foods and drinks can give you cavities. However, have you ever wondered what foods promote healthy teeth? Here are four foods for healthy teeth from the Ferber Dental Group.


Cheese is a tooth-friendly food for a variety of reasons. First, cheese is high and calcium and protein. This helps your teeth stay healthy and strong Additionally, cheese raises the pH levels in your mouth. As a result, your risk for cavities is lowered.

Leafy Greens

The vitamins and minerals in leafy greens are great for your oral health. The calcium in greens such as kale and spinach helps build up tooth enamel. In addition, the folic acid in greens help treat gum disease.

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Apples are great for keeping your teeth clean. High in fiber and water, eating an apple causes your mouth to salivate. This helps rid your mouth of excess particles and bacteria. Try eating an apple after a meal to help your mouth stay clean all day.


Similar to cheese and dairy products, almonds are an excellent source of calcium and protein. Additionally, they are low in sugar. Eating almonds as a snack can help your teeth and gums stay healthy and strong while keeping cavities at bay.Keep Your Teeth Healthy with Ferber Dental GroupYour diet is essential to keep your mouth and body healthy. However, it is also necessary to see a dentist regularly. Contact Ferber Dental Group for your next dental checkup. With a great dentist, you can experience the many benefits of optimal oral health.