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Gingivectomy Lake Worth | Benefits of a Gingivectomy

If you are suffering from severe gum disease (periodontitis), your dentist may suggest for a gingivectomy Lake Worth to remove and reshapes loose, and diseased gum tissue. This is to get rid of pockets between the teeth and gums to provide visibility and accessibility for complete calculus removal. This procedure is considered safe and is usually performed in a dentist’s office in under one hour.

Who Needs a Gingivectomy Lake Worth

For people with a gummy smile due to gingival overgrowth, a gingivectomy offers a safe, quick, and effective solution to significantly reduce the appearance of the gum line. For those who are suffering from severe gum disease and gingivitis, this procedure is highly effective especially if it cannot be cured with antibiotics or root planing and scaling. Gingivectomy for patients with periodontal disease helps them to recover from the effects of the condition and to improve the health of the support structures around the teeth.

What to Expect After Surgery

The healing time for gingivectomy is minimal and you can return to your normal daily activities after the anesthetic wears off. It would usually take a few days or weeks for the gums to heal completely.

Benefits of Gingivectomy

When the gums have pulled away from the teeth due to gum disease, it creates periodontal pockets that make it difficult to clean away plaque and calculus buildup which makes gum disease to progress even further. The benefits of a gingivectomy procedure for patients suffering from gum disease include:

  • Controls gum disease
  • Removal of disease tissue
  • Reduced periodontal pockets
  • Improves ability to maintain good hygiene
  • Help save teeth and bone
  • Contributes to an overall healthier mouth

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